Business customers from all over the world rely on our products. We will always provide you with the opportunity to become acquainted with new versions, changes and updates. In our authorised training centres (ATC), your company profits from our outstanding personnel. We also offer you the use of exclusive educational material and provide advance information regarding technological innovations and ongoing developments. In addition, you are granted access to additional resources and information.

An important prerequisite for the optimal utilisation of our product is the trained personnel. This doesn't just mean training the employer, but rather the continuous training of the employees as well. Employees must know and understand the fields of application and functionality of the I-Chip. Therefore, transparency is an important prerequisite.

Whether the training has to do with the maintenance and security of the server or training the employees, in our ATC we offer our customers training opportunities for all of the various aspects of our products. Our accredited trainer is also pleased to train you and your team directly on site if desired.

Our training methods complement and expand the practical training of our products, from first class, up-to-date training documentation and computer assisted learning to training in a virtual room.

Our competent trainers and quality management according to SixSigma secure our success and therefore yours as well.