Medical Support

The expansion and support of implanting the I-Chip is included in the purchase of the basic package. Since it is a question of a minor medical intervention, usually the company doctors are trained and receive a certificate after passing an exam. Of course we will also provide our trained medical personnel if desired. The standard package can be expanded to include medical support on site. But even without medical support on site, a medical information and advisory centre is available to you. This contact number can also be passed on to your employees.

In the advisory centre, a team of doctors, nurses and medical assistants are available around the clock, seven days per week, in order to provide you with medical advice via the Internet or telephone. This service is complimentary with the standard package. The functionalities in this service segment include:

* Medical advice regarding medical questions
* Recommendations and information on physiological problems
* Organisation of on-site services
* General advice about the I-Chip