Chip Packages

Chip Standard Package

The CHIP STANDARD PACKAGE includes the basic hardware included with the I-Chip. This also includes comprehensive, medical support. Each chip is equipped with its own unique number and encryption. In the Internet of Human Beings (IHB), the following information about the employee can currently be saved:

* Personnel Number
* Time recording
* Skill management
* Access control (locker, doors, computers)
* Formal qualifications
* Evaluations
* Wages and pay level
* Proof of vaccinations
* etc.

The gathered data is automatically saved on the company's own central, internal server. The corresponding necessary server maintenance is also included in the CHIP STANDARD PACKAGE.

Chip Plus Package

With an integrated GPS-Chip, the CHIP PLUS PACKAGE provides optimal security for your employees. This security package, which includes localisation of staff in the field, in dangerous regions for example, will provide a new basis for the efficiency of your company's security services.

Chip Officer Package

The CHIP OFFICER PACKAGE is especially and individually designed for office workers and salespeople. With near-field communication, business cards can be exchanged with a handshake. Even real-time personnel communication for employees in temporary contracts is possible.

Additional advantages for the employer: Data mining in HR: How good is my employee really in the field? How many contacts does he actually maintain?



Additional Fields of Application for the I-Chip:

Applications in Marketing

Give your products a face. With 1 to 1 marketing: Do you know who fills up your favourite yoghurt? I-Chip makes it possible.

With the combination of the Global I-Chip Identity (GII) of the employee and an electronic product description of the finished product, this attribution is now possible. It provides your customer with the ability to trace back the manufacturer of their product.

Employees assume responsibility

Product liability is becoming more and more significant. Work with employees who accept responsibility. With the I-Chip, traceability becomes transparent throughout the production process. Responsible employees facilitate a reduction in insurance premiums for management. Leading reinsurers have already done calculations for premium adjustments.

This offer is subject to change.