I-Chip - Soon available in Germany. The IP-based solution for your human resource management. Secure and shape the future of your company with implanted chips in your employees. I-Chip registers standard information and process operations of your human capital.

From the Internet of things to the Internet of human beings. Personnel costs still represent the largest cost in many companies. Face the competition; react to the pressure of globalisation. With the expansion of the Internet address space from IPv4 to IPv6, it is now possible to further develop the Internet of Human Beings (IHB). Thus this enables an IP-based personnel management.

Our products are made possible through RFID technology. The abbreviation RFID stands for radio frequency identification. With your help it is possible to transmit data via radio. Our product I-Chip is subcutaneously implanted into the carrier.

When it comes to technology solutions, data protection and data security are of utmost importance to our company. Our technology saves the captured data in a closed system. On the one hand, the company’s own system is protected in a classical fashion e.g. via a firewall, and on the other hand, the data is stored in an encrypted form.

The I-Chip is designed to make everyday work more efficient, simpler and safer. In addition, when personal data is gathered, the corresponding data protection legislation becomes applicable. This means that employers can only gather, process and utilise data when the employee is informed thereof or has given his consent. This consent can be withdrawn at any time.

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